The Fundamental Transformation: A Losers Legacy


One of the definitions of the word “legacy” is something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor, or from the past.

Just this past weekend, 21 year-old Jordan Spieth became the second-youngest competitor to ever win the Masters Golf tournament. His impeccable, 18 under par finish ties that of Tiger Woods. During the spectacle we have come to know as “March Madness,” the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team continued to build an impressive legacy with their 10th national championship. And the Duke men’s basketball team won their 5th national championship. The University of Kentucky fell just two games short of setting a standard when they lost in the national semifinal game to Wisconsin – finishing their “legacy building” season at 38-1.

Once upon a time when one walked into the famed Boston Garden and gazed into the rafters, they saw countless banners; legacy items of championships belonging to the Boston Celtics and the Boston Bruins. And in Pittsburgh their legacy is known as the “City of Champions” based upon the numerous Super Bowl championships of their famed Steelers.

It is not just sports teams and franchises that build legacies; American families do as well. I am so proud of our simple West family legacy that began with my dad, Herman “Buck” West, a World War II Army veteran. Dad can look down from Heaven and smile as his grandson, my oldest brother’s son, my nephew, carries on our legacy as combat veterans as an officer in the US Army.

But not all legacies are positive. What concerns me the most is that the legacy of American strength, opportunity and exceptionalism – 238 years and running – is meeting its greatest challenge.

Here at home we are no longer stressing and emphasizing the legacy of the indomitable, individual entrepreneurial spirit. As a matter of fact, we have a president and others who seek to be president that have openly spoken words to the effect of, “if you own a business, you did not build that.” That belief is the anti-thesis of the free market, of opportunity based society, and the economics that have given America a legacy of exceptional success – individual success. We cannot shun that legacy for the degraded immoral state of advancing the dependency society and the welfare nanny-state under the false narrative and gimmickry of “fairness,” “fair share,” and “economic patriotism.”


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