The Gathering Storm

In 1940 Sir Winston Churchill saw the gathering clouds of war that would cover the earth in World War Two. His personal desire was to write  history, which he did after the war. The first volume of that history was titled The Gathering Storm.  It is appropriate that this article would have that that same phrase. There has been a storm brewing in the western Pacific for some time now. Into the vacuum created by lack of leadership from the United States, China has rapidly entered. With a stated goal to be a world power and to make the South China Sea a private lake, it is at odds with the its neighbors and the international community. Keep your eye on this area. Read more in this article.


The Gathering Storm Of The Chinese Military

Investors Business Daily Editorial

Pacific Theater: Communist China is completing infrastructure in the South China Sea with which it can project military aggression. The Obama U.S. power vacuum brings “change” to yet another region of the globe.

You’ve got to wonder if President Obama’s own national security personnel are crying out for help for America.

His Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, in a Feb. 23 letter to Senate Armed Services Committee Chairman John McCain, R-Ariz., made public last week, said, “Based on the extent of land reclamation and construction activity” in the Spratly Islands, “we assess that China has established the necessary infrastructure to project military capabilities in the South China Sea beyond that which is required for point defense of its outposts. These capabilities could include the deployment of modern fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles (SAMs) and coastal defense cruise missiles, as well as increased presence of People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) surface combatants and China Coast Guard (CCG) large patrol ships.”

This extensive military expansion is being made possible by China’s recent construction of more than a half-dozen artificial islands in the area: thousands of acres of new land for military activity. Beijing deployed various military vessels at its island outposts and “has installed military radars, most likely air-surveillance/early warning radars.”


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