The Google, Facebook and Amazon Backlash Is Heating Up!

Up until now, the high-tech Silicon Valley companies have been well connected to the political power grid. They have been able to move forward with their liberal agenda in support of the alt-left and the Democrat party. There now seems to be some flicker and flash being transmitted from Washington. The signal is that there needs to be a curtailing of all the powers that these companies are using. Some want for there to be anti-trust hearings and see the companies powers broken up and dispersed. Others want them to be regulated like a public utility. No one has been down this exact road before. it may take a King Solomon to sort this out. 

As Written By Eric Newcomer for Bloomberg:

Big tech is falling out of political favor. This week, BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith convincingly argued that the tides are turning against Google, Facebook and Amazon. The article, “There’s Blood in the Water in Silicon Valley,” is worth a read.  As Ben points out, Steve Bannon is leading the charge from the right, calling for Google and Facebook to be regulated like public utilitiesBernie Sanders is helping to push the anti-tech charge from the left. Populists on both wings want to kneecap big tech.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for the technology giants, there isn’t a coherent, unified critique of their behavior. The grievances come in many forms and from many camps. They include:

  • Simmering 99 percenters angry over tech’s growing power
  • Mounting antitrust concerns
  • Animus from ad-dependent media companies
  • Bias charges from right-wingers without a seat at the table in Silicon Valley
  • Complaints, especially from Democrats, about Russian interference in the election, particularly via social media
  • An effort to reckon with gender discrimination and harassment at male dominated engineering companies
  • Accusations of fake news and clickbait all around.

The situation keeps getting worse………..


The Silicon Valley Backlash Is Heating Up – Bloomberg

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