The Great Republic Strikes Back

This article chronicles the abdication of responsibility to the Republic by the Congress of the United States of America. It covers the usurpation of powers by the courts and by the Executive Branch. It goes way back further than you thought. Thanks to President Trump’s election and the REINS Act there is a new hope for the Republic. Read on.

As Written By Michael A. Thiak for the American Thinker:

The election of Donald Trump was a political earthquake. More than just populism, Trump’s victory opens the door to the dismantling of a century’s worth of what has come to be known as “the administrative state” and returning to its rightful owners, the citizens. Retracing the history of how this came to be shows what the Trump revolution is up against.

One of the great abuses brought on by the Regressive Era (late 1800s on) came when Congress, knowingly and willingly, transferred legislative power to the bureaucracy.  Up until then, Congress was obligated to debate an issue, pass a bill, send it to the president for signature or veto, and assuming his signature, see the new law implemented by the executive branch. The Framers knew the nature of the government was to expand without limit, so they made the enactment of laws difficult.

These protections were first breached by the Wilson administration, and then nearly decimated by Franklin Roosevelt, as one bureaucracy after another was foisted upon the American people.  The judiciary initially held against this onslaught for a time, but eventually fell to the threat of the Democrats packing the courts, but also grew in numbers of judicial activists, perhaps as a side effect of this power grab.

The trend continued as LBJs “Great Society,”  and the Nixon administration imposed dozens of new agencies (OSHA, EPA, etc.) upon the American people, issuing regulations with the force of law, but not the constitutionally guaranteed rights of due process, presumption of innocence, requirement of proof beyond a reasonable doubt in an open court, right to force witnesses in one’s defense, etc.  It continued through the 20th century until its very end. In 1991, the George H.W. Bush administration inflicted the Americans with Disabilities Act onto the already extended list.  Thanks to this act and the thousands of regulations it has spawned, a tsunami of lawsuits have been the result. We see people suing store owners because their “Disabled Parking” signs don’t say “Van Accessible.” And after seeing photos of their pools on Google Maps, hotel owners are being sued for not having disabled access to their pools.  The fact that they never were informed they need to have them is not relevant, but the….


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