The Hand Grenades of Corruption Keep Flying!

One thing that the Army and Marine Corp teach young trainees is that when you activate a hand grenade, you do not want to be anywhere close when it goes off. That becomes a bigger problem in political grenade tossing. Sometimes, however, that grenade is picked up and tossed right back into your own foxhole. That is not good.

That is the problem facing the Clinton Camp and their charges of Rusian collusion during the 2016 Presidential election. While there has been no proof that the Trump Train was guilty as charged, there are plenty of proofs that the Clintons had hired Russians on their “payroll.”

As Written By Allen C. Guelzo for Fox News:

As long as there has been politics, there has been corruption. So the investigative hand-grenades which have been flying for the past year, first at the Trump campaign, now at Mrs. Clinton’s, are not exactly new in American political life. What is new, however, is the geography.

Corruption used to be something American politicians did with other Americans. Now, it’s become something that involves other countries, and one in particular – Russia – which can’t be accused of friendly intentions toward the United States.

Curiously, at the beginning of the nation, Americans were confident that political corruption would never happen in their republic. Corruption was what occurred in monarchies, and (to judge by the long list of accusations in the Declaration of Independence) especially under King George III.

But once independent, American politicians proved to be just as short on virtue. Thomas Jefferson, the first Secretary of State under the first president, George Washington, put a journalistic hit-man, Philip Freneau, on the State Department payroll to dig up dirt on Washington and other cabinet members…….


First Trump, now Clinton — Investigative hand-grenades keep flying | Fox News

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