The High Pedastal James Comey Is On Is Beginning to Crumble

The Democrats have painted a picture of former FBI Director James Comey of a man of unfailing ability and integrity. That was easy for them to do in their desire to get at President Donald Trump. Trump had done the unforgivable in defeating Hillary Clinton for president.

Now we are beginning to learn of all the things that the FBI director did NOT do to protect this nation. Back in the day when Hillary was 93% certain to be the next President, he let Russin meddling go by the board. How bad, you ask? This bad, read on.

As Written By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

Fired FBI Director James Comey has had a long run as Mister Probity in the nonstop issue of Russia hacking the U.S. election.

Remember how Democrats raged when President Trump got rid of the guy for incompetence in his congressional testimony last May?  Remember the seismic shock – and how it led to the appointment of a special counsel?  Democrats still embittered about Hillary Clinton’s loss to Trump in turn raised Comey’s stature as that of a noble watchdog and guardian of democracy instead an incompetent.  After that, Comey got a multi-million-dollar book advance, reportedly as high as $10 million.

But the Associated Press now reports that Comey’s agency, the FBI, pretty well ignored Russian hacking attempts going on against 19,000 Gmail accounts held by U.S. officials.

WASHINGTON – The FBI failed to notify scores of U.S. officials that Russian hackers were trying to break into their personal Gmail accounts despite having evidence for at least a year that the targets were in the Kremlin’s crosshairs, The Associated Press has found.

Nearly 80 interviews with Americans targeted by Fancy Bear, a Russian government-aligned cyberespionage group, turned up only two cases in which the FBI had provided a heads-up. Even senior policymakers discovered they were targets only when the AP told them, a situation some described as bizarre….


James Comey’s pedestal is crumbling

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