The importance of pushing back hard against the lefts latest tactics against President Trump

The resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price was a large victory for the resistance alt-left. Unfortunately, that is not where it stops, that is only the beginning. There will be many more attacks to come. That is one reason the campaign of Judge Roy Moore for Alabama Senator becomes important. The need to push back hard against the left is discussed in this interview with Tony Perkins. 

As Written By John Hayward for Breitbart: 

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council discussed the state of conservatism, the importance of pushing back hard against the left, and the resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price with SiriusXM host Raheem Kassam on Breitbart News Saturday.

“This is an opportunity for us,” Perkins said of Judge Roy Moore’s victory in the Alabama Senate GOP Primary. “The November election was a turning point, but we haven’t made the turn yet. The battle with the Establishment, the battle with the Democrats, the liberals, continues. We cannot back up. In fact, we’ve got to shift into high gear, and we’ve got to do even more.”

He said the 12th annual Values Voter Summit on October 13-15 in Washington, D.C. would be a great time for conservatives to come together and plan for the future, describing an impressive lineup of guests that includes Judge Moore himself.

“As we come together and lock arms, conservatives in this country who are concerned about the Constitution, traditional values – we may see some things differently, but if we can lock arms about the core values of this country that made it great, I believe we can take this country back. I think we’ve got a great opportunity. But we’ve got to act now,” he urged.

Perkins offered his perspective on one of the weekend’s big political stories, the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price.

“This is a part of the left trying to take out some of the most conservative members of the ……..


Tony Perkins on HHS Secretary Price’s Resignation: The Left Is ‘Trying to Take Out the Most Conservative Members of the Administration’ – Breitbart

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