The investigation into the Democrat scandal over the IT contractors just took an interesting turn

The investigation into the Democrat scandal over the IT contractors just took an interesting turn. The lawyers for Imran Awan have now pointed to an invoicing irregularity that could easily be called a scam of taxpayers money. Invoices were altered to come in under the $500 accountability window. The Dems call it “expediting” and it appears that “everybody” does it. That does not make it legal, however. What it does do is explain why the Dems have been so closed mouth about the IT scandal. They did NOT want this information to come out.

As Written By Luke Rosiak for the Daily Caller:

House Democrats ordered the systematic falsification of records showing how they spend their taxpayer-provided office budgets, according to lawyers for two former House information technology (IT) aides.

It’s a remarkable accusation that pits sitting lawmakers against the former aides, Imran Awan, his brothers Abid and Jamal, and his wife Hina Alvi. Imran was arrested in July while trying to board a flight to Pakistan, and then indicted on four counts of bank fraud involving moving money to that country. Imran and Hina, who was also indicted, face a court date Friday.

One of Imran’s lawyers, Aaron Page, acknowledged the invoicing discrepancy Aug. 21, telling The Daily Caller News Foundation, “This is just how things have been done for forever. This is what experienced members of Congress expect: to expedite things, they adjust the pricing.”

If members or senior staff instructed IT aides to misrepresent how budgets were spent, that could potentially explain why officials have not charged the Awans with crimes related to procurement, even a full year after House authorities gathered documentation showing invoices that claimed expensive technological items cost $499 instead of their true price: potentially an open-and-shut……..


Dem Rep. To Blame For Falsified Records | The Daily Caller

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