The Judge Roy Moore Victory Is Not What You Think

So, just what is the big story regarding Judge Roy Moore and his GOP primary victory in Alabama? The mainstream media would have you think that it was all about President Trump and his wrongful choice of endorsing Luther Strange. Anyone in Alabama could have told the President that that was not gonna happen.  It was also not about Steve Banno and his efforts in this Senate race. You must remember that all politics is local. There was definitely a local issue that all the Big Boys overlooked. You can read it all right here.

As Written by Byron York for the Washington Examiner:

Much of the reporting and analysis on the Alabama Senate race has focused on President Trump. But the fact is, the president wasn’t the biggest factor, or even the second- or third-biggest factor, in the outcome.

Alabama politics determined the Alabama race. And in the showdown between Luther Strange and Roy Moore, there was an Alabama character who played a bigger role than the president or anyone else. That character was former Governor Robert Bentley.

Bentley’s time in office ended in scandal on April 10, when he resigned upon pleading guilty to using state resources to hide an affair he was having with an aide. Two months earlier, on February 9, a scandal-plagued Bentley appointed Strange, then the Alabama attorney general, to fill the Senate seat vacated when Jeff Sessions joined the Trump administration.

It looked like a shady deal from the start. At the time of the appointment, Bentley was under investigation by the Alabama attorney general’s office. Strange was attorney general. In the middle of the investigation he was conducting of the governor, Strange went to interview with Bentley to be the new senator. In addition, Strange had asked the Alabama legislature to hold off on impeachment proceedings against the governor while the attorney general’s office investigated. And………


Byron York: The Alabama Senate vote: It’s not what you think

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