The Left is Guilty of Christophobia

The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America has caused the left to go into a fit of Christophobia. They have been quick to label any resistance to Islam and Muslims as Islamophobia while suffering from Islamophilia themselves. They really have no concept of the compassion of a Christian. They only have what they media and Hollywood have taught them to believe.

As Written by John Steinreich for American Thinker:

Among those phenomena most dreaded in liberal-progressive orthodoxy is “Islamophobia.”  Because the left continues to shape the boundaries of public discourse, any question regarding Islamic doctrine or the conduct of Muslims that might suggest that Islam is not a religion of peace is routinely labeled as Islamophobic.  Despite voluminous evidence supporting a rational interpretation of Islam as a warrior ideology with a religious veneer, concerned non-Muslims are slandered as irrational xenophobes by the media, Hollywood, and academia.  As these cultural grandees ignore the medieval brutality of ISIS; the screams of “Allahu akbar” by jihadists at places like Fort Hood, San Bernardino, and Orlando; and the anti-Western provocations of imams and mullahs around the globe, they show themselves to be engaged in a toxic romance with anything Islamic.

While leftists have a slobbering love affair with Islam – “Islamophilia,” we might call it – they concurrently suffer from a raving hysteria of what could be termed “Christophobia.”  The left smears those concerned about the dangers of Islam as “Islamophobes” – a moniker that essentially accuses the latter of mental instability.  The right can quite adequately counter-argue that the term “Christophobia” should be assigned to the radical elements of the left-wing polity as a diagnosis of the way they regularly lose their minds over anything in the public square resembling America’s Christian heritage.  Overwhelmed with panic that puritanical lynch mobs are ready to pour out of America’s churches to jail unbelievers and execute heretics, leftists are filled with hyperactive terror at any sign of Christianity in our culture and law.  Blinded by hatred of the morality for which Christianity stands, the left goes thermonuclear over pro-life arguments, opposition to the redefinition of marriage, limited government, and fiscal responsibility.  When a conservative or Republican announces his friendly sentiments toward Christianity and then proposes that it is a bad idea for government to mandate transgender bathrooms in all of America’s public buildings or that limitless federal spending on social welfare programs is neither effective nor the proper role of government, Christophobia is triggered in the die-hard leftist.  Somehow, the promotion of federalism, national security, and the science of human biology is considered by leftists to be persecution in the vein of the colonial authorities’ pursuit of the women accused of demonic activity during the 1692 Salem witch trials.

What else but Christophobia could accurately describe the wild-eyed….

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