The Liberal Media’s Collusion to Coverup Clinton’s Health Issues Exposed

There was a Hillary Clinton health cover-up and the mainstream media was a willing participant. This is about the latest revelations in the Donna Brazile book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.

The most shocking part of these excerpts is the action that DNC Chair Donna Brazile was considering against candidate Hillary Clinton. There was a consideration that Hillary should be replaced on the Democrat ticket. Why did Donna chicken out on that move? Who was she wanting to put on a revised Democrat ticket? Read it all below.

As Written By Michael Goodwin for the New York Post:

Silly, silly Donna Brazile. She’s publishing a book detailing turmoil in the Democratic Party during the 2016 campaign, highlighted by her concern that Hillary Clinton was seriously ill and might need to be replaced by Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders.

What’s the big deal? There’s no news here because all this was well-known and covered at the time by the big national newspapers and networks, right?

Wrong. If Brazile were rehashing things we knew, there would be no book and no bombshell headlines now.

Instead, she has thrown open a new and very big window on 2016 — and exposed yet again the consequences of the political biases of the Democratic media.

The missed stories are not merely the result of mistakes or sloppy reporting. Brazile’s book is a revelation in that it shows that many left-leaning journalists didn’t so much cover Clinton as cover up for her.

Put it this way: How is it possible that the leader of the Democratic Party was talking to colleagues about trying to replace its nominee during the general election because of ………


How Brazile’s book exposes liberal media’s Hillary health coverup | New York Post

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