The “MAGA train” will not be derailed by “ideological zealots”

In this interview, you can listen to Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to President Trump as he explains that the Make America Great Again Train will not be derailed by mindless idealogues. Instead, Mr. Gorka points out that the MAGA Train is on track and picking up speed. One of the highlights of the G20 Summit has to be the speech given by President Donald Trump. Not only was that speech probably his best so far, but it put the United States of America back in the leadership role that was abandoned by the Obama administration. Listen and enjoy this interview.

As Written By Eric Mack for Newsmax:

The “MAGA train” will not be derailed by “ideological zealots” and the “dregs of utopian idealism” after protests attempted to disrupt what was a successful G-20 trip for President Donald Trump, a top White House adviser said Sunday.

“We have had feedback that this was really perhaps the best speech the president has yet given,” Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, told “The Cats Roundtable” on 970 AM-N.Y.

“It leveraged the key themes of his administration: an unapologetic acceptance of what we stand for as a nation, and who we stand with shoulder to shoulder as part of Western Civilization.

“The Make America Great Again train just keeps on going down the track.”

Gorka said President Trump and the White House remain undeterred by detractors, including the protesters in Hamburg, Germany.

“It’s clearly people who are infected by the dregs of utopian idealism,” Gorka said of the demonstrations against Trump. “The people who don’t understand what happened in the 20th century. How we have to fight the ideologies that promise all kinds of perfection on Earth and ended up killings tens of millions of………


WH Adviser Gorka: ‘Dregs of Utopian Idealism’ Won’t Derail US

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