The Mainstream Media Is Not Reporting This Story

If you only pay attention to the mainstream media, you will have no idea of the successes that have been accomplished by President Donald Trump and the GOP. According to them, there has been not one legislative success by the President in 2018. There are a few things that they did not tell you, and if they had to report it, it was spun up as a future failure. read the truth here.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Sahw for Hot Air:

When congressional Republicans failed to enact many of President Barack H. Obama’s agenda items on looser immigration laws, gun control and “social justice” issues, they were declared by the press to be The Party of No. When Senate Democrats blocked one GOP bill after another supporting the agenda of President Donald J. Trump the media lauded them as The Heroic Resistance. When President Obama declared that he had a pen and a phone and took executive, extra-legislative action in response he was declared to be Decisive. When the pen and phone in question were placed in President Trump’s hands he was branded as Authoritarian.

Is this pattern sounding familiar?

With the end of the year just around the corner, the Democrats are grinding their teeth over the signing of the tax bill into law, while the media rushes to remind everyone that this is Trump’s “only legislative victory” in his first year. And using their unfettered platform, they’ve managed to convince a majority (or at least a plurality) of Americans that tax cuts are a bad idea and Trump’s GOP teammates will “rue the day” they decided to extract less money from people’s paychecks and employers’ bottom lines. It’s as if virtually nothing has been accomplished this year and the few achievements that managed to happen were uniformly disastrous.

But was that really what happened?

The RNC Chair, Ronna Romney McDaniel, recently gave a rather scathing response to these repeating media themes. Here’s…….


While nobody was looking, Trump and the GOP actually got some things done – Hot Air Hot Air

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