The Mainstream Media Is Trying Desperately to Rebrand the ‘Stalled’ Illegal Caravan

In case you have not been keeping up with current events, there is an illegal alien caravan winding its way through Mexico toward our Southern border. This is not the first caravan that has been put together by this immigration group, but it is the first one on President Trump’s watch. The mainstream media wants to use it for their agenda. here is what they are trying to do.

As Written and Reported By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Ever since the President picked up on the story of the illegal alien caravan moving through Mexico and began tweeting about it, plenty has changed. The Mexican government has begun taking action (which they claim they were going to do all along) and the caravan seems to have mostly stalled as of last night. But the really big push has come from the majority of the media in the United States as they scramble to rebrand the caravan to make it look like anything but a hoard of illegal aliens planning to jump the border into our country.

First, a short update on how the caravan is doing, courtesy of the Associated Press last night. Most, but not all of the travelers have made camp.

The group of about 1,100 people, most of them Hondurans, had been walking along roadsides and train tracks, but they have stopped to camp out at a sports field in the southern Mexico state of Oaxaca. They are waiting and getting advice on filing for transit or humanitarian visas in Mexico.

Many headed to the field’s stands to shelter under the awning from the hot afternoon sun. As night fell, the migrants, many with children, lit fires to cook their meager rations.

So that accounts for most of the 1,100, but not all of them. The same report goes on to note that, “a group of about a couple of hundred men in the march broke off and hopped a freight train north on Sunday — probably to try to enter the United States


The media is trying to rebrand that (stalled) illegal alien caravan in Mexico



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