The Media Is Intentionally Not Reporting On This At All

FBI lawyer and mistress of FBI Agent Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, is not shy about her hate for pro-life groups. That is one of the thoughts that she shared with Agent Strzok during their many texts back and forth. It falls right in with their dislike of President Donald Trump and their unswerving support for candidate Hillary Clinton. The idea of an unbiased FBI has sure taken a beating with all of the revealed texts between these two. Make note that all of this was uncovered in an investigation by the Inspector General of the FBI, Mike Horowitz. This is proof that the FBI is still a good place. It is the top that needs a haircut.

As Written and Reported By Paul Bois for the Daily Wire:

Disgraced former FBI lawyer Lisa Page not only has a strong distaste for President Trump but also pro-lifers.

According to LifeNews, on p. 13 of the Interim Report by Senator Ron Johnson, “The Clinton Email Scandal And The FBI’S Investigation Of It,” released yesterday, there is an “exchange between FBI senior lawyer Peter Strzok, Page’s co-adulterer, and her about pro-life Americans.”

Simply put, Page not only dislikes the pro-life movement but “truly hate[s] these people,” making it personal.

“The media are not reporting on this at all,” noted LifeNews. “Most of the big media reporters and commentators are decidedly in the pro-abortion camp, and at least some of them share Page’s hatred for pro-life Americans. Two, it would not make their side look good to report it.”

True, and if anyone in the Trump administration had text messages saying they “truly hate these people” in reference to the Women’s March, it would be the top story at CNN for a week.

“The FBI’s reputation has been seriously damaged over the past several months, and this only ….


Disgraced FBI Agent Lisa Page Also Trashed Pro-Lifers: ‘I Truly Hate These People’ | Daily Wire


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