The media’s losing strategy is founded in negativity

The media’s losing strategy of going totally negative against President Donald Trump is beginning to take a toll. Polls show that the President’s approval rating continues to climb despite a 90% negative coverage by the media. The political fallout will get worse as more and more voters see through the veneer of the fake and manufactured news. the negative spin is about to unwind. 

As Written By Colonel Allen West for CNS News:

This past week, Media Research Center released another updated report on the liberal progressive media’s coverage of President Trump. And there’s no new news here. The report found that the leftist media produces 90 percent negative coverage of President Trump. If you are one who channel surfs between different news agencies, you tend to believe some are on a different planet. The left’s abject obsession with a porn star, to include a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, is rather unconscionable, but sadly, it is what we have come to expect.

Last week provided clear examples of the unabashed bias of the liberal progressive media. I dare not call them mainstream because they are out of touch with mainstream America. The astonishing point, which they seem to not recognize, is that what they are doing is a losing strategy. As a matter of fact, the once highly vaunted and acclaimed “blue wave” predicted for this midterm election is fading into a ripple in a pond caused by a frog. It was a CNN poll that evidences the deteriorating advantage that was once touted by the progressive socialist left. How ironic that this revelation came because of a CNN poll.

We witnessed the release of three Americans last week. They had been held hostage by the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. This feat was given a whopping 30 seconds of coverage by one very far left liberal progressive media outlet. However, it was the collective piling on by the left, and their repetitive …..


Allen West: Liberal Media’s Negative Coverage of Trump Is a Losing Strategy


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