The Most IMPORTANT Last Call for the NeverTrumpers

The first paragraph in this article highlights all the tentacles of the Clinton Crime Syndicate. It is breathtaking in its scope. Once you wade through that web of corruption, you wonnder what moral highground is the NeverTrumpers crowd thinks that they are standing on. This is not a battle for moral principles, as important as that is. It is a battle for the survival of this nation as a Republic. 

As Written By Roger L. Simon for PJ Media:

Now that we seem to be having a non-stop stream of evidence (as if we needed it) that the Obama and forthcoming Clinton administrations are basically a crime syndicate, stretching from the Department of Justice, through the FBI, and into the IRS — and an international one at that, with tentacles, via the Clinton Foundation, all the way to Moscow and Riyadh — it’s time for the NeverTrumpers to take a final look at their position.

Do they want to enable such a crime syndicate to be running the U.S. government? And if so, how do they expect it ever to end, if not now? Through litigation? Under whose auspices? Do they not think, if Hillary is elected, that the paramount goal of her administration will be to further entrench the syndicate, making it impermeable to change, turning the USA into the ghost of itself? These things happen in history.

Not simple, is it?

If I were writing my book on moral narcissism today, I would have to add a chapter on the NeverTrumpers, because — like it or not — their stance, while once idealistic, at this point seems rather too substantially based on self-regard. They want to have “clean hands” to avoid any tarnishing by the unseemly Mr. Trump.

Well, fine. But where does that …

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Last Call for the NeverTrumpers | PJ Media

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