Special Counsel Mueller’s team integrity will now be seriously questioned

What just happened to the integrity of the Special Counsel’s investigative team on the Russian collusion investigation? And what else does this reveal about the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server scandal? They are interrelated and one key FBI agent may have had a nefarious hand in both investigations. 

FBI Agent Peter Strzok’s text messages to his girlfriend reveal an anti-Trump bias in his personal opinions. They also reveal that he was a very good supporter of Hillary Clinton. This agent is one of Robert Mueller’s favorites, a go-to guy. Now maybe someone will also take a closer look at the other prosecutors on the Mueller team. Just taking a look at their political contributions should raise an alarm or two.

As Written By Chuck Ross for the Daily Caller:

For nearly four months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office, the Justice Department and the FBI have kept secret the fact that the FBI agent who oversaw the Russia investigation exchanged anti-Trump and pro-Hillary Clinton text messages with an FBI attorney who was also his mistress.

Those messages, the existence of which were revealed in bombshell reports published over the weekend, highlight a pattern of the Mueller team.

Many of Mueller’s prosecutors — it has been extensively reported — have made campaign contributions to Clinton and other Democratic political candidates. And a review by The Daily Caller shows that Mueller lawyers involved in the cases against four Trump associates are Democratic donors.

But Peter Strzok’s text messages — which he exchanged with Lisa Page, an FBI lawyer who worked briefly on the Russia investigation — are perhaps the most significant evidence of anti-Trump bias uncovered so far on the Mueller team.

The discovery could also undermine the integrity of Mueller’s expansive investigation. That’s because Strzok is the FBI agent picked in July 2016 to ……


Anti-Trump Text Messages Show Bias On Mueller | The Daily Caller

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