The Never Ending Iran Deal of Dirty Tricks 

Obviously the Iran nuclear deal has turned into jackpot payoffs that are closely tied to spinning the narrative. How has Boeing lined up to garner a cool $25 Billion, with a “B” from the agreement? What former ambassador now works for Boeing? It looks like National Public Radio got some payola (bonus money) for helping put the positive spin on the narrative. The stench just rises higher and higher. Read more here, if you can stand it.


As Written By the New York Post Editorial Board:

Last week’s revelation that ex-Ambassador Thomas Pickering pushed the Iran nuke deal while secretly working for Boeing makes you wonder: Were any of the deal’s backers not paid for their support?

Boeing now stands to make $25 billion selling planes to Tehran. That’s a nice return on its investment in Pickering, a respected ex-diplomat who has worked for the aircraft-maker for years.

Pickering played a key role in drumming up support for the nuke deal that made Boeing’s sale possible. But neither he nor the company bothered to disclose their relationship at the time.

Nor was he the only one hawking the deal while secretly being paid by its supporters: A key White House ally, the Ploughshares Fund, also funneled piles of cash to friendly media. NPR, for one, got $100,000 to “report” on negotiations with Iran……

Full Story Here:

The Iran deal dirty tricks never end | New York Post

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