The Possible Outcomes of the Indictment By Robert Mueller

Apparently, CNN has been leaked the information that Special Counsel Robert Meuller has filed an indictment with a Federal Grand Jury. That was a sealed indictment, sealed by a judge. That makes no difference to the shadow government. What we do not know yet is who was indicted for what. Here are five speculations to carry you through the weekend.

As Written By John T. Bennett for Roll Call:

The uncharacteristically quiet day at the White House was upended Friday evening by a report that the first indictments in the Justice Department’s Russia probe are imminent.

A Washington, D.C., federal grand jury has approved a set of initial charges stemming from the Robert S. Mueller III-led investigation into Russia’s meddling into the 2016 U.S. presidential election. CNN first reportedthat the former FBI director turned special counsel could take the first individuals into custody as soon as Monday.

While all indications are that President Donald Trump has yet to be interviewed by Mueller, there’s a list of his top 2016 campaign aides, current and former White House aides and longtime confidants who could be rounded up by Mueller’s team early next week.

Here are five indictments and related outcomes that are possible then:

Leading indicators

Paul Manafort is indicted. We know that the former Trump campaign chairman has plenty of ties to Russia and other former clients in the region, including former senior Ukrainian leaders.

Most recently, reports surfaced of alleged business dealings totaling $60 million over the past decade between Manafort and Oleg Deripaska, a Russian billionaire with close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Manafort worked for Derispaska from 2005 to 2009, The Associated Press reported.

Mueller has reportedly warned Manafort, who is said to have supplied the Putin-connected Deripaska with briefings on the 2016 campaign, that he likely would be indicted.

Michael Flynn is indicted. The retired Army three-star general was once a well-respected military intelligence officer. He rose through the ranks to lead the Pentagon’s top espionage entity, the Defense Intelligence Agency. Then, former aides and confidants have told NPR and other outlets, something…….


Analysis: 5 Possible Outcomes of First Mueller Indictments

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