The Real Question We Should Be Asking About The Alleged Mole In The Trump Campaign

It seems to now be common knowledge in Congress that the FBI did place a Spy on Trump and his campaign. There is an acknowledgment that the FBI had a source within the campaign. That is way beyond an unethical action, this definitely strays into criminal behavior. It is now past the point of claiming national security to enhance a coverup. This whole bag of dirty laundry must now be aired out. Will that happen?

As Written and Reported By Kevin McCullough for Townhall:

Now that revelations have come to light that at worst have the Federal Bureau of Investigation placing a spy within the ranks of the Trump 2016 campaign, and at best have the FBI hiding evidence from congressional oversight it is clear that the Department of Justice, and specifically the FBI, even now have top brass making decisions that must be outed, removed, and if necessary—charged.

I admit you may not have heard anything about these revelations because, aside from the dedicated work of Kimberly Strassel at the Wall Street Journal, few outlets have dedicated almost any coverage to the matter.

But pause just a second on what my opening sentence claims.

There is an increasingly likely scenario being sniffed out by heads of congressional oversight committees that adds up to the previously most trusted bureau of law enforcement on American soil having actually planted a “source” on the inside of a campaign for President with the express purpose of entrapping officials into admission of some sort of corrupt collusion with foreign powers.

My Salem Media colleague in talk radio—Joe Walsh—has repeatedly tweeted through the investigations into Russian collusion that accusing Mueller, the FBI and the DOJ of foul motives was beneath what honorable Americans should resorting to. But I ask my friend Mr. Walsh and America in general, “how can we not?”

The amount of corruption that has poured forth from the revelations of the congressional oversight bodies would have gone unknown if his former congressional colleagues Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy had not been willing to unearth the truth. (Without their dedicated pursuits we’d still not know that Hillary Clinton and the ….


Why Did the FBI Spy on Trump and/or Lie to Congress? – Kevin McCullough


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