The real secrets of Trump success, past and future [Video]

[VIDEO] If you were to listen to the mainstream media there would be no real secrets to President Donald Trump’s success because they give him scant credit for anything good. That is one of the reasons that the president seems to get away with it.

While they are all acting like cats chasing a laser beam, he is off getting his agenda pushed forward. His former aide, Sebastian Gorka sounds off in this video as to how he does it and why we should not worry.

As Written By Robert Bluey for the Daily Signal:

Sebastian Gorka, former deputy assistant to President Donald Trump and counterterrorism adviser, is delivering a series of lectures for The Heritage Foundation about national security issues. His next speech will take place at Heritage on Dec. 15. Gorka spoke to Daily Signal editor-in-chief Rob Bluey about a range of topics—his time in the White House, Trump’s accomplishments and disappointments, his biggest fears, and Trump’s ability to outmaneuver the media. The following is an edited transcript of their interview along the with the video.

Rob Bluey: You’ve given a series of speeches to Heritage audiences now in three locations. What’s your message to them? What are you talking to them about?

Gorka: There’s one initial message I like to give everywhere, and it’s a very simple one that I give it to all conservative audiences. And it’s, “Relax, it’s OK.” Count to 10, take a deep breath, don’t worry.

Why do I say that? Because of the reactions I saw when my old boss Steve Bannon resigned. A lot of people were very worried about what happens to the so-called Trump agenda. And then when I resigned a week later, then even more people were worried about what’s going to happen to the platform that got this man elected on Nov. 8………


Q&A: Former White House Insider Sebastian Gorka on Trump’s Presidency

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