The Reason Why George Soros Is Siding With the Fascists

Famed Conservative documentary filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza gave quite a bit of insight today on the current state of the so-called “Anti-Fascist” movement. He accurately describes just how facist they, in fact, are. With a “our way or the highway” mentality, as well as an ever going militant mindset, just what is in the minds of these younger people who join these movements as they shout how “anti-fascist” they are.

They hide behind the First Amendment while, perhaps unknowing, seeking to destroy it.

As written for The Daily Caller by Dinesh D’Souza:

The so-called “antifascist” movement in America today bears a strange resemblance to the very fascism it purports to combat. When we see masked Antifa protesters in black, carrying weapons, disrupting public events and blocking speakers from campus, this looks more like fascism than its opposite. The close relationship between self-styled antifascism and fascism itself can be seen in some little-known aspects of one of Antifa’s main financial sponsors, George Soros.

The Hungarian-born Soros became a billionaire through shrewd global investments and currency manipulation; his Quantum Fund is one of the world’s first private hedge funds. Soros is the main funder of some 200 leftist groups, including Planned Parenthood,, and Black Lives Matter.

Soros also backs self-proclaimed antifascist groups—this year the Soros-backed group Alliance for Global Justice gave $50,000 to the militant thugs associated with the group Refuse Fascism.

Soros doesn’t merely fund activism; he also funds disruptive violence.  Essentially his costumed baton-wielding squadrons amount to a private army: he has created a militia of paid thugs similar to the Italian Blackshirts and the Nazi Brownshirts.  Soros’ strategy is to launch dozens, even hundreds, of groups and then see which ones deliver the goods.  Borrowing from the field of venture capitalism, my term for what Soros does is venture thuggery, operating through paid protesters.

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