The Red Threat is NOT Dead!

There are now those among us who vote but have no understanding of what the Red Threat is. At there is this very accurate explanation:

The “Red Threat” was a term which was used to refer to the Soviet Union and to the spread of Communism during the Cold War. The Cold War was a period marked by hostilities between Western powers and Communist nations, complete with subversives, spies, and other components which sound like tales from thriller novels. In the United States, many politicians believed that Communists posed a serious threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the United States, and the terms “Red Menace” and “Red Threat” were often heard in political speeches throughout the Cold War and well into the Presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The color red has often been used as a symbol by Communist and populist movements. Red is associated with the blood of workers, and it is also a universal symbol of warning. Many radical groups adopted the color as part of their symbolism, probably partially because it helped them stand out from a crowd. Several Communist countries including China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) used predominantly red flags. The symbolism of the color red was used in slang terms which referred to Communist, such as the ubiquitous “reds.”

Ever since the collapse of the Soviet Union, aka the USSR, there seems to be a collective loss of memory as to what the Red Threat is and where it has gone. To begin with, it has gone nowhere. For those who do not pay attention to current events, let me bring you up to speed. Remember when our Congress decided to cash in the “Peace Dividend” after the demise of the USSR? No one looked in the opposite direction to see what Red China had on its agenda did they? No. They rushed to cut all defense spending.

Red China has outspoken designs on being the dominant power in the Pacific Ocean and ultimately spreading its brand of communism to the entire world. As proof, look at the build up of the Red Chinese Navy. It is no longer a brown water navy of the 1980s whose sole mission was to defend its coasts and local seas. They have in commission their very first aircraft carrier and have plans to build more. They have a nuclear submarine force that is being designed to deny to anyone the freedom of the seas. This Red Threat is now developing an ultra high speed antiship cruise missile that will target our aircraft carriers and hinder their deployment in times of trouble. They continue to flex their territorial muscle in the South China Sea and frequently have sorties into our allies Air Defense Zones to provoke and measure our responses. They are developing ties with Iran and the Ukrainian rebels.

Make no mistake, Vladimir Putin has designs to reestablish Russia as a dominant world power and make a comeback as a Red Threat. He has backed the Ukrainian rebels in their breakaway from their country. He has displayed other territorial ambitions and is working to destabilize Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Russia’s army and navy are being systematically revitalized. He has no respect for the United States of America and can be counted on to oppose and thwart any programs we might have to aid our allies.

In contrast, we no longer have a two-ocean United States Navy. The fleet size has been reduced to levels lower than pre World War Two. The Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps are being “right-sized” into ineffectiveness. Technology can only assist but not replaced well trained man power. In politics, the Senate and Congress are so polarized that even with party majorities they cannot accomplish their basic functions of managing this nation. There has not been an actual budget passed in forever. Washington is filled to the brim with professional politicians. These Washington politicians and their drive by media seem hell-bent on divisive policies and positions that keep us pitted one against another.  We should have had enough of this already! It is time for a positive change in America. There needs to be civil discourse at all levels of our communities. The Federal government is failing to provide for the national defense. The political changes need to return us to the Constitutional Republic we were designed and meant to be. Remember: a pure democracy is nothing but mob rule. People and patriots who know how to represent, compromise realistically, and serve the nation are the ones that deserve to be elected to service in public office.


Paul Clark, CPO, USN (ret)


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