The Reputational Vortex That Drowned the Democrats

Maybe if Bill and Hillary Clinton had gone quietly into the night, the Democrat Party would not be in the shambles that it is in. After Bill Clinton left office, it would have been great for the party if they had gone home. 

Instead, Hillary Clinton ran for the Senate and won. Then she became Secretary of State. After that, she ran amok with avarice, taking down huge speaker fees and embarrassing the party. Here is how this is now seen in retrospect by the Democrats. Woudda. Coudda. Shoudda. 

As Written By Josh Barro for Business Insider:

  • Many liberals and Democrats have begun a reckoning in recent days of Bill Clinton’s presidency and the Clintons’ domination of Democratic politics for the past two decades.
  • It would have been much more convenient for Democrats to have rid themselves of the Clintons years ago.

As some liberals have come to realize in recent days that a president having sex with a White House intern is a very bad thing that shouldn’t be waved off, some conservative commentators have carped that this timing is awfully convenient – Democrats are only discarding the Clintons once they weren’t needed anymore.

This is wrong. This timing is decidedly inconvenient.

It would have been much more convenient for the Democratic Party to jettison the Clintons years ago. There would probably even be a Democratic president right now.

The reputational vortex that drowned us all

As Matt Yglesias notes, Democrats couldn’t find the time to break with Bill Clinton over the sex stuff because Hillary’s political career was starting just as his was ending.

“Once Hillary Clinton threw her hat into the ring, she immediately became America’s presumptive first woman president, creating a kind of reputational vortex that shielded her husband’s behavior from scrutiny,” Yglesias writes.

One reason Bill and Hillary’s reputations weren’t separable for Democrats was the key role Hillary had played over the years in seeking to ………


Bill Clinton, Hillary revisionism not conveniently timed for Democrats

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