The Robert Mueller Thing Will End in Liberal Tears

The alt-left and the mainstream media have an awful lot of capital tied up in the investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. They base their hopes on the sacking of President Richard Nixon and the defense of President Bill Clinton. There are some significant reasons why this is a false hope built on a false narrative and founded upon fake news. Liberal tears will be falling. This is not Watergate, and here is the reason why.

As Written By Christopher Chantrill for American Thinker:

If you are liberal and a faithful reader of The New York Times, you think that the Watergate campaign to take out President Nixon was America at its best. Imagine! A president covering up the criminal misdeeds of his underlings!

But the liberal knows that the Republican witch hunt of President Clinton was America at its worst. Here was a president that eliminated the deficit and produced the best economy in 50 years. And Republicans wanted to make it all about a blue dress.

Speaking as your average racist sexist homophobe, I’d say that the salient feature of both cooked-up scandals, no matter who was the villain and who was the innocent, was that the liberal ruling class got to impose its narrative. It wrote the history that that Nixon’s peccadillos were monstrous, but that Clinton’s were not. Pretty good gig if you can get it.

Obviously liberals think that with the Mueller investigation going for a grand jury they can do a repeat of the Watergate experience and drive from office another president they hate.

Maybe they are right. But I would argue that this use of government power to harass the opposition is injustice, pure and simple, and eventually the American people will experience it as such. That wouldn’t matter, except that that’s how you get to civil….


Articles: This Mueller Thing Will End in Tears (for Liberals)

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