The Salt Lake Tribune Goes After Senator Orin Hatch

In a Christmas editorial, the Salt Lake Tribune wants Senator Hatch to retire. Senator Orin Hatch has outlived his usefulness to the State of Utah. He has been there for half a century and could qualify as a poster child for Congressional term limits. Like most of the Washington elites, he has accrued a fortune while on the taxpayer payroll.

As Written and Reported by Rick Moran for the American Thinker:

Utah Senator Orrin Hatch has spent half a century in Washington, D.C. as a senator, leaving a huge imprint on Capitol Hill.  But Hatch is also recognized as the ultimate swamp creature – a Washington insider who has perpetuated a system that is out of touch with the people and entirely too reliant on cooperation with Democrats.

Since cooperation is a dirty word these days, there are many rank and file Republicans who would like to see Hatch replaced with a younger. more conservative candidate. Indeed, at age 83, Hatch’s strength and stamina to represent the people of Utah is being questioned.

The Salt Lake Tribune ran an editorial on Christmas Day excoriating Hatch and calling on him not to seek an 8th term in the Senate.

The Hill:

The Tribune went after Hatch for his involvement in President Trump’s decision earlier this year to shrink two national monuments in the state, saying there was “no constitutional, legal or environmental logic” behind the move.

“To all appearances — appearances promoted by Hatch — this anti-environmental, anti-Native American and, yes, anti-business decommissioning of national monuments was basically a political favor the White House did for Hatch,” the editorial states.

The Tribune also noted Hatch’s involvement in the passage of the GOP tax plan last week given his role as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

The plan has been criticized by opponents who say it primarily benefits wealthy individuals and corporations, claims that backers of the plan reject.

The editorial criticizes Hatch for saying in 2012 that it would be his last campaign, but now appears to be preparing to run again in 2018, which would be his eight term.

“Once again, Hatch has moved to freeze the field to make it nigh unto impossible for any number of would-be senators to so much


Salt Lake Tribune slams Senator Hatch


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