The Same News Hosts Attacking GOP Tax Reform Bill Are About To Reap A Windfall

While talking about the cash windfalls hitting the mainstream elites you can almost hear Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith of The A-Team saying that he loves it when a tax plan come together. What will the talking heads at NBC and MSNBC do with their $1000 awards coming from their parent company, Comcast? Will they keep them if they get them? Read on, please.

As Written and Reported By Brian Flood for Fox News:

The highly paid journalists at NBC and MSNBC who keep blasting President Trump’s tax reforms won’t have to wait for their rates to go down to benefit, since parent company Comcast likes the plan so much it is sending out $1,000 checks to employees.

Comcast announced on Thursday that it would award special $1,000 bonuses to over one hundred thousand employees because of the passage of tax reform and the FCC’s action on broadband.

The cable company’s generosity presumably extends to seven- and eight-figure stars, who have been railing nonstop against the landmark GOP reform as benefiting the rich at the expense of the poor.

Officials at NBC News and MSNBC declined to say if news stars like Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell and Chris Matthews would try to make it up to tax policy “victims” by redistributing their $1,000 windfalls.

So, will the anti-Trump newsers pocket the cash?

“The tax bill does, indeed, raise some dilemmas for the MSNBC commentators, now that the newly passed tax bill will directly benefit their wallets. But I say they should go ahead and take the Comcast cash and then donate it to a charity that can help low income workers. That provides some degree of moral consistency for the MSNBC on-air talent who condemned the tax plan as a giveaway to the rich, an economic class that would surely include most of them,” media critic Jeffrey McCall told Fox News……..


NBC News, MSNBC hosts could receive cash windfalls when Trump signs tax reform they love to hate | Fox News

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