The Secret Service is in Crisis 

For the past several years several security breaches affecting the Presidents of the United States, have left the Secret Service with a real bad image problem. Walls have been breached, the White House entered, and armed technicians allowed in close proximity to a President. I have heard that if you tell management you need help real bad, you will get real bad help. There should be a shake out, not a shake-up, at the top of the Agency. 

As Written By Kathryn Blackhurst for Lifezette:

Back-to-back fence-climbing attempts at the White House, including one that allowed an intruder to roam free for over 15 minutes on the grounds, are fresh evidence of an ongoing crisis of leadership and capability at the U.S. Secret Service, according to oversight officials and at least one former agent.

“The Secret Service cannot even keep one person off the grounds — what will they do if 40 terrorists charge the White House?” former Secret Service Agent Dan Bongino said Friday on Fox News. “And believe me, the terrorists are already thinking about that.”

Jonathan Tran scaled a White House fence carrying two cans of mace on March 10, entered the grounds, and roamed free for 17 minutes before being found and apprehended by Secret Service agents. President Donald Trump was inside at the time.

According to the agency’s own statement issued Friday, “the men and women of the Secret Service are extremely disappointed and angry in how the events of March 10th transpired.”


Secret Service in Crisis | LifeZette



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