The story of the attack on Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky takes on a new aspect

The story of the attack on Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky took on a new aspect as another neighbor was interviewed and the attacker’s attorney left a few clues for us to ponder over. The attacker, Doctor Rene Boucher, may have been angered over something as simple as leaves and lawn clippings after all.

The attack left the Senator with major injuries, including 6 broken ribs and damage to the lungs. It was a blindsided full-on tackle that the one doctor gave to the other. This is not the kind of behavior you expect out of a doctor or any civilized human being. Here is the latest update.

As Written By Justin Jouvenal for The Washington Post:

 Rand Paul was on the verge of becoming a powerful senator and the nation’s leading libertarian. His neighbor was a successful doctor and Kennedy-style Democrat who favored nationalized medicine.

They might have sparred over health care or taxes, but an acquaintance of both said they stood in their yards roughly a decade ago shouting at each other over the grass clippings that Paul’s lawn mower had shot onto Rene Boucher’s property.

“ ‘I ask him, I tell him and he won’t pay attention,’ ” the acquaintance, Bill Goodwin, recalls Boucher saying after the argument. “ ‘One of these days.’ ”

That day might have come last month, when Boucher’s attorney said in an interview that his client attacked Paul over long-simmering disagreements between the two about the care of grass, trees and other landscaping on their adjacent properties in a gated community.

The assault left Paul, 54, with six cracked ribs and a case of pneumonia, and it briefly sidelined the Republican senator during a crucial debate over a tax overhaul in ……..


Intrigue grows over what sparked the attack on Rand Paul – The Washington Post

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