The Swamp Strikes Back!

The title of this article, Swamp Strikes Back, is highly appropriate. The swamp is definitely in control of the budget process. The swamp animals are crawling down both sides of the aisle, both Dems and GOP. You can see the bipartisanship is evident in that both sides just want more spending. That is a part of the political process of bringing home the bacon for their constituents. Who is gaining the most out of this?  Without a doubt, the Democrats are the big winners in the immigration side of things. They get to keep funding the sanctuary cities. It only gets worse. read this.

As Written and Reported By Neil Munro for Breitbart: 

The draft 2018 omnibus bill denies President Donald Trump explicit authority to withhold federal grants from the Democratic-dominated “sanctuary cities” which are trying to secede from the nation’s immigration laws, say Hill sources.

There is “nothing in the omnibus bill to stop funding for the sanctuary cities,” said a source. “It will just be a continuation of the status quo” because Democrats threatened to torpedo the funding bill if it included new rules allowing administration officials to block federal funding to the cities which shield illegals from deportation, the source said.

Federal funding cuts would be “a huge financial hit for Democratic strongholds … [and] I just think that [GOP leaders] don’t want to have the fight,” said Rosemary Jenks, policy director at NumbersUSA.

The pending rejection comes even though Trump took time on Tuesday to denounce sanctuary cities, presaging a likely midterm election theme. “We’re going to win it, it should be easy, but it’s not,” Trump said to his deputies in a media event. “It’s so basic, it’s called law and order and safety and we’re going to have…….


Omnibus Bill Blocks Penalties for Illegal-Immigrant ‘Sanctuary Cities’ | Breitbart

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