The table is being set and the cards are being dealt for a big high stakes game

The table is being set and the cards are being dealt for the big stakes game between the President of the United States and the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller. All the legal maneuvering is still underway and some people are afraid that they are watching the beginning of a train wreck for the President. This is sort of like watching a horror movie and you are yelling at the screen for the female lead to NOT go down in the basement and see what that noise was. Will someone please tell the President to NOT go that meeting, but if he does, let the lawyers do ALL the talking?

As Written and Reported By DARREN SAMUELSOHN for POLITICO:

President Donald Trump’s lawyers are gaming out possible questions and answers for a potential interview with special counsel Robert Mueller, according to two people familiar with the strategy.

The preparations reflect an understanding that negotiations with the lead Russia investigator, which have been ongoing since January, will eventually culminate in a sit-down meeting between Mueller and the president. One source said the discussions about the terms of a possible interview may soon even reach a conclusion.

“I don’t think it’s months and months out. I don’t think it’s in a week,” said the person familiar with the negotiations. “But I think it’s moving toward closure.”

But even given the high stakes of a potential meeting with Mueller, Trump’s lawyers face a challenge in prepping a president who resists following scripts and who has deep trust in his own improvisational instincts.

Trump has said he is eager to meet with Mueller. “I’m looking forward to it, actually,” he told reporters in the White House on Jan. 24, adding that his lawyers had informed him the interview could happen in “about two to three weeks.” But his attorneys quickly ratcheted back his remarks, saying he was “speaking …..


Trump lawyers prepping for potential Mueller interview – POLITICO


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