The True Face of Political Correctness | 12 Things That Drive Conservatives NUTS!

1.  The rainbow flag that symbolizes the hate and intolerance of the liberal to my own conservative viewpoint. 

  • What you do in your bedroom is YOUR business, having it continually shoved down our throats in everything we see and do makes it ours too.


2. That New Black Panther Party is a macro aggression. They are in your face, militaristic, and threaten violence to others.


3.  Being stereotyped as a racists just because I disagree with the POTUS.



4.  Being told that I cannot vote based on my moral and religious choices while liberals are allowed to vote their secular worldly choices.


5.  Being told that my religious freedom only exists within the walls of the church when the First Amendment says otherwise and is continuously misinterpreted by liberals.

First Amendment

6.  An activist Supreme Court that legislates from the bench and ignores its constitutional role.


7.  A POTUS who came to rule and not to serve, looking for ways to subvert and bypass Congress and the courts.


8.  Career politicians who serve only themselves and their money masters, making the argument for term limits.

Boehner Pelosi Deal for Amnesty

9.  Being told that the Second Amendment only allows hunting weapons, when it was viewed as a wedge against abusive government by our founding fathers.


10.  An over reaching Federal government limiting States and individuals rights in the name of the common good (socialism).

Ronald Reagan and Socialism Quote

11.  An un-elected and unaccountable EPA setting unrealistic limits on our nation, following a political agenda, without factual basis, and a disregard of the costs.
Image Created and Owned by A.F. Branco

12.  A runaway IRS being used as a political arm of the Democrat Party in collusion with the DOJ and the FEC.

IRS and Obama



When Tolerance becomes a one way street it leads to cultural suicide. The only tolerance the progressive, leftist liberals know is when it is totally beneficial to them. We are not allowed to have our own point of views. They demand that we conform.


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