The Trump Presidency Winning Continues

This may trigger the snowflakes if they happen to read here, but the Trump Presidency is winning. You will not pick that up from the mainstream media which is the propaganda arm of the Democrat National Committee.

Senators Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, along with former President G.W.Bush have taken highly publicised shots at President Trump. What they have missed is that with the grassroots, President Donald Trump has not lost voter support. 

There are other areas that the President is winning in as well. One of them is appointing Federal Judges. That is why you are beginning to see better support from the Republicans. They are beginning to get the message.

As Written By David M. Drucker for the Washington Examiner:

Traditional Republicans fancying the cracks in their party as an opening to primary President Trump in 2020 need to deal with one inconvenient fact: Republican voters aren’t interested.

The brawl for dominance in the Republican Party is certainly remarkable. Former President George W. Bush; Ohio Gov. John Kasich; the chairmen of two top Senate committees; and now Sen. Jeff Flake, R-Ariz.; all have sharply rebuked Trump, questioning his fitness, integrity, and moral authority.

But their resistance, though hardly isolated, is missing one crucial element: a significant measure of enthusiasm from Republican voters. That’s a weak foundation from which to pursue a challenge to the renomination of a sitting president.

“You’ve got to understand the turf you’re fighting on,” said Rep. Steve Stivers of Ohio, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, the House GOP campaign arm.

“Some of the members [of Congress] who’ve been picking petty battles with the president have done it on issues that aren’t really things that our voters are with them on,” Stivers added. “That matters.”

In Arizona, Flake was essentially forced into retirement because his opposition to Trump ……..


Trump has won the civil war where it counts — with voters

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