The Truth EXPOSED: “Unwelcome” mat for Netanyahu speaking to Congress revealed

It seems in this recent report by The Jerusalem Post, that reasons the Obama administration has not welcomed this visit and Netanyahu’s speech to the United States Congress is that Israel is in “the know.” Most members of Congress are not privy in the Iran dealings. So it would seem that the reason for not wanting the Prime Minister to speak to the lawmakers of America is pretty obvious. Might he tell them what they don’t know? Will Netanyahu fill in the blanks that most are missing? What information is being withheld from them by the Executive Branch?

As posted by The Jerusalem Post:

Netanyahu arrived in Washington Sunday afternoon for a two-day visit which will climax in his speech Tuesday to congress.

Disputing comments made recently by US Secretary of State John Kerry, the official said that Israel has a great deal of information about what is in the agreement. He would not elaborate on how it has the details of the deal still in progress, beyond saying “We know what we know, and we know a lot.”

The official repeated Israel’s position that the emerging deal is a bad one and it is dangerous to Israel, saying it will keep in Iran’s hand the capability to produce “a nuclear bomb.” 

The official said that Netanyahu spoke with Kerry by phone on Saturday, and the official insisted the timing of the controversial speech to congress is linked to the approaching March 24 deadline for a framework nuclear agreement, and not to the Israeli elections.



Congress uninformed on Iran deal while Israel already ‘knows a lot,’ official says – International – Jerusalem Post.


The Truth EXPOSED: “Unwelcome” mat for Netanyahu speaking to Congress revealed
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