The U.S. Navy had an Internal Firestorm

In an effort by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to push the Obama gender neutral initiatives, a firestorm erupted below decks in the United States Navy. The Navy rating structure contains the traditional job titles for all Naval personnel. Mabus designed to remove rating names entirely and thereby remove ‘man’ from any rating names. The election of Donald Trump as President may be one reason that this initiative has been withdrawn. 

As Written by NYPost Editorial Board for the New York Post:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus last week dropped his drive to eliminate hundreds of “sexist” job titles — thanks to fury in the ranks. It’s a welcome defeat for the forces of political correctness.

Mabus’ target was a host of words that end in “-man.” He cloaked the move as simply an effort to modernize the pay-rate system, but no one ever bought it: Mabus is known for being obsessed with symbolic equality.

Indeed, at an October event at the National Press Club, he justified his policy by saying, “It’s time to quit segregating women.”

But countless former and current sailors weren’t having it. A White House petition opposing the move garnered more than 100,000 signatures — and the less formal outrage was far louder….


How Trump helped sink Navy’s push for political correctness | New York Post


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