The United States Navy is the Go-To for this mission!

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un and his Intercontinental Ballistic Mission asperations still has the United States Navy to deal with. You have heard all the rhetoric emanating from North Korea. That have nuclear weapon technology. They claim to have a missile delivery system. Just how good it is, no one knows for sure. One of the punches that Un could throw at the United States would be an upper atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device. The Electromagnetic Pulse, or EMP, would do great damage to the national electrical power grid. That would cause much long-term suffering and loss of life. 

What is the counter-punch to such a stroke? The United States Navy has its Aegis Guided Missile Cruisers. This high-tech platform can neutralize the North Korean missiles before they arrive. Why are they not better known? Did you know that President George W. Bush has actually used them? Read on. 

As Written by HENRY F. COOPER, National Review

North Korea continues to test its nuclear weapons and its means to deliver them, including intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that can reach America. We clearly need the best ballistic-missile defense (BMD) systems possible.

Even with this urgent need, some think we still have time, because they think that North Korea still must develop greater accuracy and the means to reenter the atmosphere before it can threaten us.

In the Wall Street Journal, I recently observed that North Korea could detonate nuclear weapons above the atmosphere to produce an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and shut down the electric power grid indefinitely. Following such a burst over America, millions could die from starvation, disease, and societal collapse.

Guess what? North Korea recently highlighted its interest in a high-altitude “super powerful EMP attack” as a “strategic goal.” As in 2012 and 2016, it could launch a satellite to approach us from our mostly undefended south, this time ……


U.S. Navy — North Korea Missiles Would Be Shot Down | National Review

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