The value of faith in our leaders cannot be understated [Video]

When it comes to the true value of faith in the lives of our leaders, it cannot be underestimated. In this amoral world, there are too many leaders that do not have a moral foundation. The results of that are all the sexual scandals that are sweeping through our nation at this time.

To have the president and the Vice President to be welcoming in prayers is a refreshing and hopeful sign for America. read this story and feel a little better about God’s appointed leaders. He does appoint them, you know.

As Written By David Brody for CBN News:

President Trump will be the first to recognize that having Mike Pence as vice president is as reassuring as it gets. He’s a calm force and a man who knows how Washington works. But evangelicals are just as happy to have Pence in the number two slot. After all, he’s one of them and has been instrumental in making sure they have a seat at the table and a major voice inside the White House.

“I think President Trump has a heart of gratitude for evangelical Christians in this country,” the vice president tells CBN’s David Brody. “I have to tell you, the sweetest words the president and I ever hear, and we hear them a lot, are when people grab us by the hand and say, ‘We’re praying for you.'”

“I’ve been with this president in the Oval Office, with religious leaders, when people have asked to pause for a moment of prayer and the president readily embraces that. I think he’ always very humbled and grateful by the support of believers. But, let me be clear: President Trump is a believer and so am I. And we understand the role of faith in the life of this nation, and the American people I think can be encouraged to know that in President Donald Trump, they have a leader who embraces and respects and appreciates the role of faith and the importance of religion in the lives of our families in communities in our nation and he always will.”

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