The War on Betsy DeVos

In their unbridled passion for job protection, the educational unions are waging war on Betsy DeVos, the nominee for Secretary of Education. Again, it is the fake news being used to label her in an unfavorable light. There is no level that they will not stoop to keep her from serving. From distortions to outright lies, the attacks are their favorite tools of personal destruction. 

As Written By Rich Lowry for Real Clear Politics:

The controversy over the nomination of Betsy DeVos as secretary of education has been, if nothing else, clarifying. We now know that working to give poor kids more educational opportunities is considered a disqualifying offense for the Left.

For decades, DeVos has devoted herself to creating alternatives to a public-school establishment that fails its most vulnerable students, and she earned the eternal enmity of defenders of the status quo in doing it.

The assault against her by the teachers unions and their allies speaks to a certain desperation. They have been steadily losing ground in the debate over educational choice at the state and local level, and now DeVos threatens to occupy the commanding heights of federal policy at the Department of Education.

Through her activism and philanthropy, DeVos has pushed for every form of educational choice, whether charter schools, school vouchers, or tuition tax credits. She championed the charter-school law in her home state of Michigan and has been chair of the American Federation for Children, devoted to electing state legislators around the country who favor choice. (By way of full disclosure, her husband, Dick, sits on the board of the National Review Institute.)

Her nomination has elicited a motley collection of charges running the gamut from the silly to the serious, if wholly …..


The Shameful War on Betsy DeVos | RealClearPolitics

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