The War on Christmas Reaches a new depth of the bizarre

When it come to the celebration of Christmas, there seem to be no depths that anti-Christians will not sink to. In their search for ‘triggers’, they have made up a new one at a new low. The Virgin Mary, the Mother of Jesus, makes rape victims feel bad because she is pure. Wait. What? That is a reach that Satan himself would be proud of. No words. Read this, anyway.

As Written Thomas D. William Ph.D for Breitbart: 

This year the Left’s annual War on Christmas has taken a bizarre turn with aWashington Post op-ed claiming that the Virgin Mary’s purity is offensive to victims of rape.

In an article titled, “Our culture of purity celebrates the Virgin Mary. As a rape victim, that hurts me,” Ruth Everhart explains that especially in the Advent lead-up to Christmas, Mary becomes a problem for many Christians because of her pristine purity.

Mary “set an impossibly high bar,” Everhart writes. “Now the rest of us are stuck trying to be both a virgin and a mother at the same time.”

As a rape victim, this has been especially difficult for the author, she says, which led to her becoming a pastor, in order “to come to terms with Mary’s story.”

Everhart writes that she doesn’t blame her sense of ruin “entirely” on the Virgin Mary. In fact, it isn’t really Mary’s fault, she states; it’s the Church’s for manipulating Mary into a model of purity……

Keep reading, there is more here:

WashPo: Virgin Mary Offends Rape Victims by Her Purity

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