The White House Just Saved Taxpayers $3 Million Dollars

Sometine there is a savings in upgrading something and the White House just did that while saving Taxpayers better than $3 Million a year. It was done by upgrading the White House website. 

In this new era of communications, it is a good thing for the government to be able to communicate clearly with the public. That was what was accomplished here. The fact that it was done at a cost saving is a tribute to the care that the White House takes with our dollars. 

There was a time in our government that they only had one solution to problems that arose. The government would through people and money at a problem until it went away. As you will read here, that is no more the case.

As Written and reported by Gabby Morrongiello for the Washington Examiner:

The official White House website is getting a facelift – one that could save American taxpayers as much $3 million annually.

A newly designed will launch early Friday, ending a months-long reconstruction process that aimed to bring the Trump administration’s digital presence up to current standards, a White House official said Thursday.

“The old site was a good temporary measure that allowed us to use what the previous administration had built, but it wasn’t where it needed to be in terms of providing people with content they can easily access,” the official said.

The updated website will feature enhanced search tools, making it easier for visitors to filter content by date or topic. It will also provide “in-depth policy updates” and appear “much cleaner,” according to the official.

“It adapts the U.S. web design standards and uses a style that is clean, simple and presidential,” the official said.

But perhaps the most attractive part of the new website is its annual price….


White House website redesigned to save taxpayers ‘$3 million per year’

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