There are some curious financial loose ends around the payment for the Trump dossier

There are some financial loose ends around the payment for the Steele dossier. The Russian operatives were not paid all that much money. When you start following the money trail backward, some interesting things seem to happen.

Although the Clinton Camp was said to pay One Million Dollars for the “research,” not a lot of that trickled down to Steele. In all, about $12 Million was allocated to Perkins Coie for their efforts to fund Fusion GPS and who knows what else. Where did all that other money go and what other “research” have we not learned about? You call follow the money in this article.

As Written By Monica Showalter for the American Thinker:

Fusion GPS, the Washington “opposition research” smear firm, produced its salacious “dossier” on President Trump on the cheap, paying only $168,000 to an oddly-chosen British subcontractor to falsely depict Trump as a “golden showers” pervert in Moscow hotel rooms.

It’s cheap given the large amounts of money that changed hands from the Democratic National Committee, the Hillary Clinton campaign and President Obama’s Organizing for Action, all of which paid the same Washington lawyers at Perkins Coie for their efforts to beat Trump during the election. Perkins Coie paid Fusion GPS to produce the dossier and obscured its payments through attorney-client privilege.

It’s expensive when you consider that what it paid for in the “dossier” is worthless information, a collection of lies that any Trump hater could have made up for free.

Reuters, however, is crowing that President Trump doesn’t know what he’s talking about in the scope of how much money changed hands for it:

In an Oct. 29 message posted on Twitter, President Trump said the dossier had cost as much as $12 million, without providing evidence…..


So the Steele dossier was bought cheap. What did the other $12 million pay for?

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