There Has Been An UNBELIEVABLE Offer To Buy CNN

The very thought that Rupert Murdock, who owns FOX News would make an offer to buy CNN sets the mind reeling. What would that look like? Would they be wholly-owned companies or would they be combined somehow? Would such a purchase be allowed by the Federal authorities? Would that create a conservative monopoly in news? Would all those liberal pundits at CNN get a pink slip and told to hit the road? Would they combine for some new and more dysfunctional news network?

(Would the new call sign be F-CNN?)

As Written By Allahpundit for Hot Air:

I don’t believe it. But I want to believe it. A Fox News/CNN merger? “Hannity & Tapper” at 9 p.m.! Wolf Blitzer as “one lucky guy” on “Outnumbered”! Jim Acosta and Shep Smith kibitizing every day for hours on end about how much they hate Trump!

The Russia segments alone would be must-see TV. Imagine Tucker Carlson and Anderson Cooper trying to get to the bottom of whether Trump perpetrated or was the victim of the worst act of foreign interference in an election in American history.

If this is fake news, it needs to become real. Find the money somewhere, Rupert.

According to one of the sources on Friday, Murdoch called [AT&T CEO Randall] Stephenson twice, unprompted, on May 16 and Aug. 8 and on both occasions asked if CNN was for sale. Stephenson replied both times that it was not, according to the source.

It would not be the first time Murdoch has attempted to take control of CNN.

Twenty-First Century Fox made an $80 billion offer for Time Warner in 2014 but abandoned the plan in the face of Time Warner’s resistance. At that time, Fox had planned to divest CNN – which competes with Fox News – in order to avoid antitrust issues……….


Oh my: Offer to buy CNN made by … Rupert Murdoch? – Hot Air Hot Air

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