There is an evil that is affecting the entire nation [Video]

As you may or may not understand, evil is the absence of God. Retired Lt. Col. Robert Maginnis, has personal experience within the Washington, D.C. beltway that confirms what many of us already believe. There is an evil in Washington that is affecting our whole nation. Maginnis describes the three layers of influence that are operating inside the beltway. You are probably aware of two of them. Not many citizens are aware of the third. read on, please.

As Written By Michael W. Chapman for CNS News:

Commenting on the “deep state” and the occult in the federal government, Lt. Col. (ret.) Robert Maginnis, a Pentagon security and intelligence official and a senior fellow for National Security with the Family Research Council, said he has “personally met people” that identify as “witches” in the government and added that “Washington is the heart of evil in the United States, as well as the world.”

During an interview on The Jim Bakker Show, Sept. 29, Maginnis explained that there are essentially three layers operating in the federal government: the politicians and the bureaucats; the lobbyists, special interests, and other groups that seek to influence the politicians; and the demonic or spiritual level that influences the first two layers.

To put it into context, Maginnis, a West Point graduate, said, “I have 50 years in Washington, D.C. I am coming here today — literally my job is in the Pentagon. I’ve been there 15 years this time. Before that I was the vice president for policy at the Family Research Council in Washington, so I dealt with all the policy.”

“I’ve personally met people that identify themselves as witches that are in the government,” he said.  “I have seen things in the government I will not talk about…….


Lt. Col. Maginnis: ‘Washington Is The Heart of Evil In The United States’

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