There is another swamp that needs draining by the Trump admin

Much to the surprise of the whole world, President Donald Trump applied some of his swamp dredging equipment to another swamp this past week. The operator of the President’s heavy equipment was none other than our Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley. 

The United Nations is a big bureaucracy that has become devoted to hating the United States. This week they wanted to condemn us for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and for moving our embassy there. They just had the purse strings tightened. The outcry is pitiful.

As Written By Ed Babbin for The Spectator:

here is never enough time or space to mock the United Nations adequately. Almost since the moment it was created the UN’s principal purpose has been to provide a forum for the dictators, despots, rogues, and terrorists to bash the United States, to vote to condemn America or Israel — or both — without fear of even the most modest reprisal.

After last week, that may change because President Trump and Ambassador Nikki Haley have threatened to cut foreign aid to those nations that voted against us last week. They may also cut our annual funding of the UN. It’s high time for us to do so.

Preparing to write my book about the UN, Inside the Asylum, I interviewed British historian Paul Johnson. He told me, “The UN is now a central problem for the world because we take too much notice of it.” Since we spoke, it has only gotten worse.

The United Nations is a decaying house of cards kept standing by the roughly $8 billion the United States pays in every year. Many, if not most, of its 192 other members receive some U.S. funding every year……


Dredging Turtle Bay, Another Swamp Just Begging to Be Drained | The American Spectator

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