There is this critical nugget about FBI Director Comey and the Russia story

When you get through reading this, you will not be sure that FBI Director James Comey did not want to be a loose cannon in the Trump/Russia affair. This is such a twist that it makes it appear that President Obama might not have been spying on candidate Donald Trump. At least, before the elections. Afterwards, all bets are off.

As Written By Jay Caruso for Red State:

The NY Times released a story yesterday that shines a big light on FBI Director, James Comey. It provides more fodder for Hillary Clinton supporters to blame him for her loss to Donald Trump and will likely set off an internal investigation because of the leaks provided to NY Times reporters.

The report isn’t necessarily kind to Hillary Clinton so her supporters shouldn’t thump their chests too much. One aspect of the investigation still revolves around intent:

They knew it would not be enough to prove that Mrs. Clinton was sloppy or careless. To bring charges, they needed evidence that she knowingly received classified information or set up her server for that purpose.

Of course, we do know that Hillary Clinton received emails with classified information despite saying she never did. Comey gave cover to Hillary, saying she wasn’t “sophisticated” enough to understand some of the markings. In other words, “She was too stupid to know.”

There is a small paragraph buried in the report that is quite eye-opening because it throws some cold water on the idea that the Obama administration engaged in dirty tricks using the intelligence community as their resource.

Mr. Comey made those decisions with the supreme self-confidence of a former prosecutor who, in a distinguished career, has cultivated a reputation for what supporters see as fierce independence, and detractors view as media-savvy…….


NY Times Story on Comey Contains Critical Nugget About Trump/Russia

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