There Is Trouble Brewing For James Comey

To be honest, I’m not even sure how Comey still has a job at this point. I thought we all agreed that he was a “nothing burger”? When did that change?

Well, while he’s managed to somewhat stay out of the limelight as he writes his tell-all book, there seems to be an internal issue with the timing of all this and the fact that there are two major probes going on as we speak… and what he may reveal.

When it boils down… most of the book will be conjecture anyway. He was fired and (probably?) for good reasons. It’s just his way of making a few more bucks off the American people.

As Written and Reported By Daniel Chaitin for the Washington Examiner:

In less than two weeks, James Comey is poised to begin a book tour and break his silence about his experience serving as FBI director before he was fired last summer by President Trump.

Beyond the occasional tweet in which he has defended an embattled FBI from Trump’s criticisms, Comey has largely kept out of the public eye while wrapping up his book, titled “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.” But with April 17, the day his memoir hits bookshelves, fast approaching, a number of potential complications have arisen.

An ex-FBI supervisory special agent put it bluntly on Saturday when he said he has no issue with Comey, now a private citizen, selling books and selling $1,000 tickets for people to hear him to speak, but that the timing of the media blitz was the issue.

“There are two major consequential probes going on right now. The Russia probe … and with the findings not being released yet, James Comey is putting himself into a perjury trap position. He will be talking about things – meaning his interactions with…..


Trouble brews for James Comey as he prepares to break silence with book tour


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