There’s A Second Fusion GPS Dossier

Did you know that Fusion GPS, the purveyor of the Russian dossier against Candidate Donald Trump had a Dossier No. 2? It appears that Fusion GPS was playing both ends against the middle. They were planning on making money on both sides of the aisle, perhaps? 

Dossier No. 1 is the report against Donald Trump. The second dossier was to have had the dirt on Hillary Clinton. This was the dossier that was that Donald Trump, Jr. pretty much called a nothing burger. Here are the details.

As Written By Andrew C. McCarthy for the National Review:

Fusion GPS, the research firm commissioned by the Clinton campaign to compile the so-called Trump dossier, is also responsible for a second dossier — the information that Kremlin-connected lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya provided to top Trump-campaign officials in June 2016. The second dossier reportedly alleged financial misconduct by major contributors to the Clinton Global Initiative, a project of the Clinton Foundation.

Fusion dug up this information in connection with its work in behalf of Prevezon, a Russian company controlled by Putin cronies. At the time, Prevezon was the defendant in a multi-million-dollar asset-forfeiture suit brought by the Justice Department. The suit stemmed from the Putin regime’s fleecing of an investment fund called Hermitage.

Years earlier, to investigate the Russian government’s role in the fraud, Hermitage hired Sergei Magnitsky, a private lawyer in Moscow. His exposure of the Putin regime’s complicity led to his imprisonment, torture, and murder. That atrocity led Congress to pass the 2012 Magnitsky Act, which allows the federal government to seize and forfeit fraud proceeds. This, in turn, has led to a furious Kremlin campaign to smear Hermitage’s chief executive officer, Bill Browder, and to get the Magnitsky Act repealed. In the United States, that campaign has been spearheaded by……


Fusion GPS Dossier No. 2: Clinton Foundation Donors Targeted | National Review

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