This GOP Congressman Won’t Commit To One Thing [Video]

In this video interview, Congressman Will Hurd is a Republican from Texas and appeared with host Hallie Jackson on MSNBC. The subject of support by the Congressman of President Donald Trump in a 2020 re-election came up. You can watch the Congressman stumble and fumble and hear the crickets as he avoids the question. 


As Written By Paul Bois for the Daily Wire:

There is a brewing hesitancy in the GOP ranks to go all guns blazing for the Trump 2020 nomination, and it reared its ugly head this week in an interview between Republican congressman Will Hurd (R-TX) and Hallie Jackson of MSNBC.

In the interview, Hurd was asked if he was ready to give Trump the thumbs up for re-election in 2020, and though the answer would typically be a yes, the congressman refused to answer in the affirmative or negative.

“Do you support his nomination for 2020, he’s clearly running, he’s been on the campaign trail this week?” asked Jackson, which prompted Hurd to nervously chuckle.;;;;;


WATCH: This Republican Congressman Won’t Commit To Supporting Trump 2020 Nomination | Daily Wire

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