This has not been a good year for “The Star-Spangled Banner” And now things could get worse

If you are going to charge that the National Anthem is racist, you need to do a better job of backing up your claim. One of the first things that is required is that you read the verses in context. You also consider the era in which the lyrics were written. You also have to understand the viewpoint of the writer. if you do these things as explained in this article, you cannot convict the anthem of a racist charge.

As Written By Chirs Prudhome for Fox News:

This has not been a good year for “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And now things could get worse. The California chapter of the NAACP says the song is racist and wants Congress to find a different song to be America’s national anthem.

Sound crazy? It is. This is an example of political correctness on steroids and an attempt to rewrite history and deprive us of one our most cherished national symbols.

Things started to go badly for “The Star-Spangled Banner” when many football players around the country refused to stand for anthem when it was played at the opening of their games, saying they wanted to protest racial injustice.

Then President Trump said in tweets and statements that NFL players should be fired if they refused to stand for the anthem. Many fans then began protesting the protestors, accusing the players of being unpatriotic and refusing to attend NFL games or even watch them on TV. A Facebook page asked football fans to not watch any NFL games on TV on Sunday, the day after Veterans Day, “in solidarity with veterans around the country.”

And now the new twist: The California chapter of the NAACP recently passed a resolution at its state conference urging Congress to find a different song to be our national anthem because “The Star-Spangled Banner” is “one of the most……..


Our national anthem is being attacked as racist, but I say we should keep it | Fox News

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